Building FAQ

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What are we building?

We are currently renovating the admin building and will be constructing a new, two-story kids building. There will also be an extended  atrium space (The Commons) that will connect the worship center to the new kids building. The Commons will be a gathering space with a coffee bar on Sundays but also large enough to host receptions, luncheons, and some banquets. The site of the former kids building (original worship center and offices) will become The Lawn, a green space for rest, relaxation, recreation and the occasional outdoor event or concert.

Will there be a full kitchen in the new building or The Commons?

No. We will have space to receive catered meals for events but not a full kitchen. We will not be able to prepare any meals on sight.

Will there be a Café in The Commons?

No. The coffee bar will have stations for coffee or tea but will not be cooking/serving food items.

What will each space be used for?

The kids building will provide classroom and kids worship space for infants-5th Grades. Students (Grades 6-12) will return to the student building (current kids space), and adult classrooms will occupy the first floor of the admin building. The second floor of the admin building will house the HNW staff offices and provide space for other like-minded ministries who may need office space.
The Lodge will become the location for HNW’s counseling ministry.

Will the new kids building be bigger than our previous space?

The new kids building will be big enough for our current needs and provide room for growth. The design is based on rightsizing our kids space to match our adult worship space, so that the potential for growth across the campus is in alignment. This means our worship center will not “outgrow” our kids or student buildings and vice versa.

What will be in the Admin Building?

The first floor of the Admin Building will contain adult classrooms for Campus Bible Studies and other adult ministry needs. The second floor will be office space for the HNW staff with some workstations available for like-minded ministries that may have need. This design also allows for any staff growth over the coming years.

How much is the entire project?

The budget for our total project is approximately $12,700,000. This includes remodeling of the Administrative Building, construction of the new Kids Building, all civil and dirt work, and potential contingencies.

How much debt will we have? How long will it take to pay off?

We anticipate between $6-8 Million in debt depending on Overflow giving and HNW will then initiate as aggressive of a plan as we can to eliminate as soon as possible.

What is the projected timeline for construction?

The Admin Building renovation is scheduled to be ready January 2019.

The New Kids Building is scheduled to be ready by September 2019.

Where will the students (Grades 6-12) go when the Kids Building is finished?

Students (Grades 6-12) will move back into the metal student building when preschool and kids are able to move into the new kids building.

Where will the special needs classes be once construction/renovation is completed?

The kids with special needs will have a room in the new kids building but the adults with special needs will have a room in the Admin Building.